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Hybrid Fund Solutions

Established funds facing operational complexities or funds going thru a transformative period of combining structures and/or adding funds turn to HBMJ time and again to manage their dynamic change and simplify their day-to-day.


Hybrid funds, by combining the complex characteristics of both closed- and open-ended structures across businesses, are challenged with increased complexities and require a different set of operational standards. With hurdles related to reporting, complex asset processing, and transparency, a one size fits all approach in addressing these complexities does not work, as hybrid strategies require a high level of customization.

Faced with these greater demands and a need to mitigate the operational risks, alternative asset managers require new operating models which involve the entire infrastructure – people, processes, technology, data, and organizational redesign.



With a 17+ year track record of success in hedge and private equity accounting and operations, a focus on complex engagements, a distinct practice in credit, expertise in operational model assessment and roadmap planning - we bridge the gap of where you are to where you need to be.  

Best-practice asset modeling

Increased accuracy and efficiency of reconciliations

Operational readiness

Automated and standardized processes

Accurate and consistent data to support reporting requirements

Streamlined workflow among multiple systems

Support for simultaneous, complex initiatives

Increased preparation for more capital / Primed for added assets and fund structures

Improved relationship with investors



  • Implementation and standardization of operational procedures to handles complex asset processing, consolidated risk, reporting and analytics 

  • Data scrubbing and normalization for assistance with reporting, and regulatory prep

  • Build out of an integrated operating model to support various investment strategies / investor allocations

  • Operational model assessment and roadmap planning

  • Automated solutions to streamline / optimize workflow

  • Best-practice policies and controls for operational and investor due diligence

  • Change management, procedure documentation


  • Streamlined reporting between GP’s and LPs

  • Enhanced reporting capabilities to internal teams

  • Enhanced investor reporting to aid investor due diligence process

  • Support for reporting on Illiquid investments, such as distressed debt, collateralized loan obligations, bank debt 

  • Customized reporting- cross-asset measures, ROR, and IRR 


  • Complex model / allocations / new asset processing requirements:

    • Support for capital call, notional balances tracking, close processing, waterfall calculations, opt-in / opt-out capabilities, IRR calcs

    • Allocation funding, entities / participation

    • Illiquid strategies / credit instruments with variances in valuation, custody, liquidity, settlement

    • Distressed debt, collateralized loan obligations, bank debt 

  • Support the ability to independently calculate NAV


  • Portfolio accounting / Partnership accounting implementations

  • System solution evaluation

  • Comprehensive workflow redesign

  • Automated solutions to support workflow optimization


  • Seasoned and trained operations and accounting personnel

  • Subject matter experts as needed

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