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Business Process Optimization

We are experts in transforming a firm’s current operational landscape to transform and optimize their operations, enhance productivity, reduce business risk and maximize return on investment.


Current State Assessment & Roadmap Planning

Operational/Business Risk Due Diligence


Back Office/Business Workflow Redesign & Optimization


Gap Analysis


Strategic Planning


Vendor Search & Selection


Systems Integration / Enterprise Integration


System Upgrade Planning & Replacement Decision Making



HBMJ transforms businesses at the process level to help our clients realize optimized operations, increased productivity, reduced business risk, maximized return on investment, cost reductions, improved analytics, and enhanced data capture. Our team of experts customizes strategic roadmaps that parallel our client’s goals and objectives. We transform our clients’ business operations by streamlining workflows, automating processes, preparing clients for growth, and providing system solution advisory, to maximize operational efficiency.


Regardless of project size or complexity, HBMJ will implement a best-fit solution for your operational needs. Whether seeking operational reconfiguring across the firm, addressing specific process performance issues, transforming highly inefficient processes, or looking to improve future capabilities, HBMJ has the operational intelligence and experience to help.


We help companies carefully think through possibilities, assess and manage risk, and ultimately select the strategic direction with the strongest operational value potential. We utilize our systematic approach to gain a deep understanding of our client’s current inefficiencies, risks, and constraints. We then translate those insights into actionable plans focused on efficient and sustainable growth. Our detailed recommendations ensure our clients select the solution providing the greatest competitive advantage, overall efficiency, and cost savings. 




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