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Senior Consultant

Hunter Stevens is a Senior Consultant at HBMJ and has provided Geneva® services for a variety of different clients including fund administrators, hedge funds, and private equity firms. Most recently, Hunter has aided in initializing Geneva® at a $58bn hedge fund by performing Geneva® testing on a variety of fixed income and equity products. He also performs monthly initialization testing by reconciling Geneva® data to finalized firm reporting.


In his time at HBMJ, Hunter has aided clients in a number of different projects including:

  • Geneva® upgrades for private equity funds, hedge funds, and fund administrators

  • Geneva® onboarding for a CLO fund with over $50bn in AUM

  • Onboarding portfolios of loans to various servicing platforms to automate loan activity

  • Support Services with a focus on credit

  • Staff augmentation services for a large fund administrator


In his free time, Hunter likes to weightlift and play golf.

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