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Senior Consultant

Libby Wysocki is a Senior Consultant and CPA at HBMJ and brings over 15 years of experience in the hedge fund accounting field. She is currently working on accounting and analysis projects with Geneva and World Investor for a private equity firm with $50bn AUM. Previously, she successfully led the Geneva and World Investor implementation at a $26bn quantitative firm, reconciling all books and records for 9 international hedge funds inception-to-date. Prior to working at HBMJ, Libby served as controller to various fund-of-funds at a wealth management firm.


Over the past year, Libby has:

· Transitioned the daily reconciliation tasks and monthly accounting close process that she created to her former client

· Tested proof-of-concept examples in Geneva to utilize World Investor functions in

complex scenarios

· Assisted in Geneva upgrades for various clients and conducted extensive testing for new system functionality


Libby enjoys sewing, baking, and indoor cycling when she is not chasing after her two young daughters.

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