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Senior Consultant

Libby Wysocki is a Senior Consultant and CPA at HBMJ and brings over 15 years of experience in the hedge fund accounting field.  She is currently working on a complex Geneva implementation at a prominent multi-strategy hedge fund with $58bn AUM.  Previously, she successfully led the Geneva and World Investor initialization at a $26bn quantitative firm, reconciling all books and records for 9 international hedge funds inception-to-date.  She has worked on numerous other Geneva and World Investor implementations, as well as accounting and analysis projects, at various hedge funds, administrators, and private equity firms.  Prior to HBMJ, Libby served as a controller to a hybrid fund of funds at a wealth management firm outside of Philadelphia, PA.

Over the past year, Libby has:

  • Developed a plan to initialize a wide range of complex financial instruments in Geneva, including testing and reconciliation.

  • Spearheaded the Geneva cost initialization process across a variety of product types when tax lot data is unavailable.

  • Collaborated with SS&C to develop enhancements within Geneva for proper accounting of deferred premium options. 

  • Worked with RSL developers to enhance Geneva reports to meet GAAP requirements for proper trial balance reporting, bucketing, and presentation. 


Libby resides outside of Baltimore, MD with her husband and two daughters.  She enjoys quilting, crafting, and riding the Peloton.

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