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Back Office

HBMJ helps funds excel by outsourcing common functions. Our expertise, integration with third-party vendors, and our unmatched service line-up helps funds maximize operational alpha and meet the unprecedented demands of investors and regulators.

Focus on what matters most—maximizing your team’s time, energy, and outcome—by outsourcing your back office functions.


Outsourcing your post-trade life-cycle tasks and support is not just a method of gaining a one-time cost advantage. It is an effective strategy for gaining and maintaining competitive advantages when executed by the right partner.  Not only may it relieve you of mundane operating requirements, but it allows for your valuable resources to be reallocated, and the many challenges today’s accounting and operations teams encounter tackled.


HBMJ has created a one-stop-shop to meet all of your back office needs.  Our collaborative working style, integrating quickly with client teams and third-party vendors, means that you see the same level of personal and organizational commitment that you expect from your own team right from the outset. We set the trend with our dedicated, on-site resources, broad asset-class coverage, integration services, business analytics, and roadmap planning. Our services ensure that firms have the agility they need from their back office to gain operational excellence and be prepared to meet the increasing demands of investor and regulatory due diligence requirements. 


Daily Profit And Loss Reporting, With Comparison And Detailed Analysis


Daily NAV Calculations


Daily Cash, Position, And Investment Reconciliations


Data Integrity, Aggregation, And Management


Corporate Actions Processing


Trade Bookings


Reference Data Management


Performance Reporting


Custom Reporting


NAV Validation


Investor Servicing


Closed-End (Hybrid) Fund Management


Status-Updates, Meetings, & Documentation


Primary Contact With Third-Parties

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