Derrick Haller

Senior Consultant

Derrick Haller is a Senior Technical Consultant at HBMJ and has been supporting all technical and reporting facets of the Geneva® accounting system. Derrick brings 15 years of experience working directly with Geneva® developing custom reporting and software solutions for multiple buy side and administrator clients. After starting his finance career at HBMJ, Derrick spent many years working for Elliott Capital Management, an activist fund with over $40B AUM, supporting all areas of Geneva® from a business and technical perspective.

He served as the technology lead onboarding the first fund administrator for the firm. Additionally, Derrick developed custom in-house software solutions to assist business’ daily operations such as Transaction Processing Interface, a UI solution leveraged for all inbound transactional workflow.


Over the past year Derrick has worked on numerous projects including:

· Support reporting requests and custom reporting solutions for a large fund administrator

· Custom software solutions to assist large transactional funds to mitigate the need of manual intervention for their daily operational needs


In his free time, Derrick enjoys playing ice hockey, traveling, and keeping up to date on the latest technology stacks/trends.

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