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Jillian Korkosz is a Consultant at HBMJ whose primary focus is on facilitating project management across teams, as well as streamlining client-facing communications. Jillian works closely with the technology department as well as the business analysis department to coordinate efforts and ensure client satisfaction.


During her time at HBMJ, she has assisted clients with various projects which include:

· Geneva® upgrade for one of the largest US fund administrators

· Leading the world-renowned Project Management software onboarding for a Private Equity firm holding over $50bn in AUM

· Developing formalized documentation and providing consult on status of initiatives directly to our clients


Jillian earned her Master of Business Administration degree from Binghamton University two years early and took a full-time position with HBMJ following graduation. She has an ever-growing interest in health and wellness and enjoys deepening her yoga practice in her free time.

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